Be gracious, O Lord!

overwhelmedWhen my heart is overwhelmed, be gracious Lord to your servant. Do not leave me to sit in sorrow. But give me eyes to see Your goodness and hear Your truths, as I find my heart beginning to harden from the pain and sorrow that my eyes have seen and my ears have heard.

When we only know our emotions, the real truth is hard to see. It is a true discipline to search for truth when our hearts are broken. You may be like me and find myself with a broken heart frequently. From the darkness of this world. Then I am reminded that I am the light that the Light lives in me and that is what pushes back the darkness.

Is this what it is to be Christ-like; to see brokenness and long for their strength in the Lord to be stronger, to long for softness instead of bitterness. To know suffering and choose to grow instead of being stunted.

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