Truth & Grace

Truths from God’s Word that reveals a Grace our souls need to walk confidently.

Salty truth makes us go into the world and Sweet Grace carries us through.

I believe that Jesus gives us the balance we need to hold both Grace and Truth without falling.

Some may lean harder on grace and some may firmly hold the weight of truth, Here let’s find the balance we were intended to find in Jesus and His Word.

I love to search the scriptures to find deep truths that make my mind and heart sing, I have found that if those deep truths are not seasoned with grace they can become hurtful darts instead of healing and restoring to be able to see Jesus for who He is and how His grace is sufficient.

So, stick around and be seasoned with salt so that you may be “salt of the earth” and find sweet grace that will give you the words to say that bring healing to a hurting and dark world.



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